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The Top Ten Things You Never Hear In A Tournament
10. I'am Hit
9. Sir, Please Check Me First
8. Boy, Your Good
7. I Stepped Out Of Bounds On Purpose
6. I'm Out
5. Ok, I'll Stop Shooting While You Check Me
4. I Do Believe. Good Referee Sir, That I Have Been Eliminated
3. Over There! My Tape Man Is Hit
2. Here, Take My Band
1. I'am So Sorry That I Neglected To Call Myself Out On That Ghastly Hit To My Goggles. Please Take 50 Points. I'll Not Argue

Top Ten Things About NOT Owning An Electronic Gun
1. Just think about all the money you're saving on batteries.
2. You're already justifying a case of paint a week.
3. You only have to worry about one harness.
4. Fourteen-way valve.... Are you kidding me?
5. You can still play walk-on games at your local field.
6. You can play in the rain.
7. Your gun will never run out of power during a game(or anywhere else for that matter).
8. Program a gun? I can't even set my VCR to record yet.
9. You have an excuse for your lack o'game.
10. You don't need to fix the cigarette lighter in your '88 Dodge Ram after all.

Crap I always Love To See On TV. No Mask Or Plugs,Know Wonder Paintball Has A BAD Name...

Some Q And A
Q. How many paintballers dose it take to change a lightbulb?
A. 100. 1 to do it and 99 to swear they could do it faster and better.