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Photo From Operation Boxwood Green

10/4/98 We just returned from Ocala. Our overall Vietnamese team lost, but I don't see how seeing as we kicked the ROUND EYES' BUTTS. Of our 8 guys, 2 won guns, a viper M1, and a spyder.

Photo From Fool's Gold

12/6/98 Again, we went to Ocala for the big season finale. The good guys (us) U.N.C.L.E. won, but just barely. If you've never faced a game of 350 on 350, I highly recommend it. While most of us had more fun at the smaller (250 total) game in October, everyone should experience this size game once atleast. Of our 12 guys this time 3 won guns.Tray won An Autococker,Jason won an PMI Pirahana and Gary won a Bruizer S.O.B., amongst other prizes. We racked up!

Photo From LOGAN'S RUN

5/2/99 We just returned from Ocala Logan's run. Like always we had a blast we had a big group of 23. WE were on the SandMan side which lost by 500 points, but we still kick a$$...Mayberry Maraubers,Cyber Cops were there along with many other teams... There was around 586 paintballers there.And I'am looking forward to the next game...Till then C-ya!!!

Photo From Spectre's Revege 99'

Sorry We Play To Much And Didn't Get Any Photos..

If you ever go to a Scenaio Game look for these guys....
Mayberry Marauders