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"How To Make"
Ghillie Suits
The Funny Page
UPDATED 12/27/01
PaintBalls Greatest Hits.
Carleton Technologies Inc. N2 Tanks
Federal law requires that E-11005 fiberglass FRP cylinders must be retested every 3 years.
Clilk Here To See When Your Carleton N2 Tank Needs To Be Tested.
Live In Panama City And Don't Wont To Send Off Your N2 Tank
Well Take It Down To Action Fire & Safety On 605 E. 6th Street, Panama City, FL 32401
And It Is Only $15.00 So Drop By A See Joe Bryan Or Bo Pointer And Tell That Trent Sent You = )

Paintball Terms
Slang Words
Helpful Hint
Always fire the Maker while unscrewing the C02 bottle, this keeps the bottle o-ring from blowing out.
Defense Tips
Are They For You?
Is It Safe.
102 Uses For A Talon
Poor Little Gun = )
Photo Pages
Pictures Form Over The Years
24 Hour Scenario Game Checklist
What You Need To Bring
What Is Paintball
Get the most from your CO2 Tanks
For The Ones That Still Play With Co2.
How is it possible to deal with this crap

New Products / Deals Found around the Net: February-2002
elbows.gif Loader Elbow For 7/8 Inch 32 Degrees Available in Blue, White, Gold, Green, Purple, and Red $2.88 whosyourdaddy.gif Center Fire MiniMag Body .THIS IS BOTH THE BODY AND A 12 INCH JandJ ceramic ported TEFLON COATED centerfire BARREL for those who already own an automag and want the superior benifits of the centerfire automag. A great upgrade at a Great Value. Price: $229.00
paintball.jpg Rebel RT Xtreme Pistol Want To Have Some FUN. Pick Up One Of These.. $119.00 Colors Black,,,Blue,,,Silver,,,Green,,,Red

X-treme Pistol Holster $34.99

Super Bolt Almost half the weight of our regular bolt gives you half the recoil! Makes your Mag shoot smooth as silk. The light weight increases bolt speed, which means more "bolt open time" for your next ball to drop into the chamber. We thinned out the regular bolt, added a Delrin sleeve and drilled out the center pin to shed every bit of weight. Should be used with unbreakable plastic nubbins and honed bolt spring that are shipped along with each Superbolt.

THIS IS A HIGH PERFORMANCE WEAR PART! The Delrin sleeve will wear from normal use and may need to be replaced. The sleeve can be carefully cut off with a box cutter and a new one pressed on when necessary. The sleeve is a wear part and is not under any warranty.$50.00

Nubbins Woohoo about time. Plastic Nubbins

First there were V nubbins, then there were P nubbins, then we went back to V and just got confused. We said the heck with this, lets make 'em out of plastic so they:

Never break
Dont fold over
Wont scratch your barrel
Cant jam your bolt
Go easy on your Superbolt
Cant cut your paint
What more can we say? Get 'em in packages of 6. MUST BE USED WITH SUPERBOLTS!! -$4.00 for a pack of (6)

Online Paintball Game
Virtual Paintball ShootOut

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