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RKS PaintBall's FieldIs Now Open For Play. Air/Co2 On Hand , Paintballgun Rentals. And EveryThing You Need To Play And Have A Good Time. Open On Saturdays Right Now...Call For Times And Directions And Tell Them You Heard About It On And Bubba Trent From Told You To Call = ) (850)271-8884

New Field Opening Up In Panama City "Panhandle Paintball Inc". Over 42 acres Of Play Field, Rentals, Paintballguns, And Accessories. EveryThing You Need To Play. Open Saturdays And Sundays...More Info On The Way..

How Many MPH Is Your Gun Shooting?
Enter Your Guns Velocity In FPS In The Small Box,And Click Convert,The Speed Of That Velocity Will Appear Next To It In MPH!

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Paintball Terms
Slang Words
Helpful Hint
Always fire the Maker while unscrewing the C02 bottle, this keeps the bottle o-ring from blowing out.
Defense Tips
Are They For You?
Is It Safe.
102 Uses For A Talon
Poor Little Gun = )
Photo Pages
Pictures Form Over The Years
24 Hour Scenario Game Checklist
What You Need To Bring
What Is Paintball
Get the most from your CO2 Tanks
For The Ones That Still Play With Co2.

Nice Gun = )

New Products / Deals Found around the Net: August-2001
elbows.gif Loader Elbow For 7/8 Inch 32 Degrees Available in Blue, White, Gold, Green, Purple, and Red $2.88
This is the next thing on my to get list..Custom 98 With Grenade Launcher: Sale Price: $795.00
paintball.jpg Great American Paintballs 2000 Pink With Banana Scent. Thats right! This paint does smell like Bananas! Every ball has scented fill so you can really leave your mark on the field! You have to smell it to believe it! $44.50 a case scott mask Scott proudly is reintroducing a thermal (dual pane) lens to their model year 2001 line-up. The Hot Shot is leading the way. Other features include pin retention lens and visor with forehead protection..And is the best mask for the money!! $37.95
N2 tank.jpg PMI CROSS FIRE NITRO SYSTEM,51ci;$109.99 PMI CROSS FIRE NITRO SYSTEM,68ci;$149.99 PMI CROSS FIRE NITRO SYSTEM,88ci;$159.95 PMI CROSS FIRE NITRO SYSTEM,114ci;$179.95 PMI CROSS FIRE CRADLE WITH ON/OFF;$46.95 Gun PMI Trracer SA 45 Double Trigger Frame with Guard Custom Ported Aluminum Barrel Bottom line Bottle Adapter Unique Safety Lock System Elliptical Lock System for No Tool Cleaning Flush Cocking System Accepts a wide range of accessories including bolts, barrels, and sights. Full 6-month Manufacturers Warranty.-$74.49

Online Paintball Games
Panitball-Online Presents Peg The BackStraight Boys..

Virtual Paintball ShootOut

Hey Everyone I'am Look for WorrGames Sniper 2 or Sniper 3 Pump Gun Or Pump Kit. Found A Few On The Net. Please E-mail If You Find Anything...Thanks..
Get The Gear, Play the Game!
Click Here To See Some Old Photos Of The Shop..New Ones on The Way..

Local Friends & Teams = )
Krebs PaintBall  
BJ Livingston's Page

Last Updated August 21, 2001                                              Click Here To E-Mail Me..

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